About Alberta Waterfowl Outfitters

About Alberta Waterfowl Outfitters

The Alberta Waterfowl Outfitters experience entails mostly dry-field hunting for mallards, pintails, Canada geese, cackler geese, snow geese and more specklebelly geese than you’ll find elsewhere in Canada, but it doesn’t happen by accident. Full-time waterfowl hunting Outfitter, Brennan Hudson, brings over 15 years of professional guide experience to the table. He and his staff are young, savvy and committed to delivering superior waterfowl hunting in Alberta. Says a long-time guest, “The accommodations, the meals, the scenery, the hunting and the people make this a must-do for any waterfowler. If you look up the definition of work ethic there is a picture of Alberta Waterfowl Outfitters staff.” A rich tapestry of hot agricultural food crops paint million-acre swaths in the headwaters of North America’s waterfowl migration.  September through October, abundant, locally-hatched ducks and geese are joined by a tremendous influx of waterfowl from the Arctic, which amass into flocks numbering thousands. Gorging themselves on peas, barley, corn, and wheat, fattening themselves for the long southbound journey. Like the narrow stem of a funnel, most of North America’s white-front migration passes through this area, and it’s here that these spectacular Alberta duck and goose hunts take place. Full-time scouts scour the vast countryside for the most active feeds.

Leave the waders at home. Dry-field hunts are the norm, and waterfowl hunting near water doesn’t involve your pitching of decoys. Hate to shoot from layout blinds? No problem. Most hunts utilize well-grassed a-frame blinds so that hunters can stand to shoot. Let Brennan know when booking of any special mobility concerns and they’ll gladly accommodate your needs. Depending on the game plan, sizable spreads of full-body, windsocks and silhouettes are deployed such that ducks and geese present themselves as perfectly as possible.

Guests stay in a private lodge that is beautifully appointed with comfortable furnishings, wifi, pool table and a captivating view of the majestic Alberta countryside. Better loosen your belt because meals won’t disappoint, either. Pre-hunt continental-style breakfasts and coffee will be forgotten at brunch when heaping platters of eggs, breakfast meats and homemade pastries hit the table. Not that you’ll still be hungry, but tempting party trays are available throughout the day.  Following afternoon hunts, 3-course dinners consisting of Ribeyes, pork chops and roasts are accompanied by homemade sides and desserts like Momma makes.

Minimum of 4 hunters to ensure a private party, up to 12 guests total. A few dates each season are reserved for mixed groups of solo hunters and pairs. Getting to this Alberta Canada duck and goose hunting paradise is as simple as flying into either Calgary or Edmonton airports, renting a car and driving less than 3 hours through the beautiful fall landscape of Canada. Brennan personally contacts each group 5 days prior to scheduled hunt dates to make sure that hunters are updated on the weather and what to expect hunting-wise. It’s little wonder, this hunt sells out quickly to repeat guests.

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